The Vision

The church we see is a church of incredible influence. A church so large and powerful that it cannot be ignored by others. A Church that buildings struggle to contain the increase. We see a church that worships the Lord with passionate praise and worship. We see a church that sings powerful songs of faith and love.

We see a church where the altars are filled every Sunday with people responding the Gospel. The lost are being saved. The sick are being healed. The bound are being set free. Broken hearts are being mended. We see a church that releases the Kingdom of Heaven and prays powerful prayers full of the Spirit’s power. We see a church that is unified and harmonious. A church that is diverse and full of compassion and acceptance of all who would walk through its doors. We see a church where friendships are fostered, hope is offered, and answers are found.

We see a people so committed to the cause that it’s not built by the gifts or talents of some but by the sacrifice of many. We see sons and daughters rising, being empowered to lead, and sent out to reap an unprecedented harvest of souls. This is the heartbeat of God.

We see a church that loves God, loves people and loves life. We see a church where generosity leads the way. We see a church committed to bringing love and hope to impossible situations. A church where the Father’s love is revealed, Jesus is King, and the Holy Spirit shows us how the Great Commission is fulfilled.

That church is our church. Streams of Life Church.


-Pastors Rene & Amber Picota